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"Turnkey" US Operations
(Level 3)

We're flattered that some of the manufacturers we work with have decided that it is much more cost effective and efficient to manage all marketing and fulfillment functions but manufacturing here in the US and have chosen us to manage a "turnkey" operation. Often, this includes supplying and managing all required accounting/billing/collecting and other on-going financial management functions.

The specifics are customized according to what the manufacturer and markets require. We currently supply a wide variety of functions, including packaging, market research, training, customer service, advertising, general administration, accounting/financial reporting, warehousing, freight logistics, trade show design and management, display and PO'S. design, collateral creation...whatever is needed to get the job done.


From sales representation (Level 1) to "turnkey" US based operations (Level 3) and everything in between, GSG is the obvious choice. We're committed, competent, experienced and motivated to do what it takes to make your plans for success in the US and around the world "happen".

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Robb Gillion

Managing Partner
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Senior Partner
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