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Robb Gillion in his office

Robb Gillion, Co-founder of Global Solutions Group

In some instances all a client needs is straight, traditional, sales generating representation. The typical client would be a US based manufacturer or an offshore manufacturer with strong capabilities, experience and staffing to handle any and all market requirements. In those cases, GSG is the obvious choice. We've been writing profitable business for international organizations for years.. Our principals have impressive connections in both US and international markets. If what you need is "on target" representation, we have the track record and experience to get the job done.

Quality sales management and representation have long been key elements of any manufacturer or retailer's program. Although results are quantifiable and easily measured against an established goal, this remains the most difficult element to effectively and efficiently control.

The goal of any sales professional should be (and our company motto is)..."Establish the most effective conduit of information between the manufacturer and the decision maker."

This process requires more than a sales brochure, price list, product samples and jumping into a car or on an airplane and putting in the required "windshield time". It requires development of a strategic plan with the manufacturer/retail partner to identify needs and current market conditions in order to maximize market potential and return on investment.

We begin by putting our fingers on the "pulse" of the market. We do that by developing our GEOMARKETING PROGRAM, utilizing a collection of Microsoft-based software programs to identify and focus on specific promising markets, classes of trade and/or product categories. The result is maximum effectiveness at minimum cost.

The detailed analysis of the market and key influences we develop through our GEOMARKETING PROGRAM facilitates decision-making and follow-thru based on real-time; real-world data.

Add RepNet, our international association of affiliated professional rep organizations, and you have the unparalleled ability to reach the customers you and your organization need to reach and sell in the most productive, "results getting" way possible.

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