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Additional Support Service Menu
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Particularly for offshore manufacturers just beginning to penetrate the US market(s), or for any client who needs to supply additional materials and services to write the business, we have developed a "menu" approach. As market contacts are developed and the specifics of securing business are defined, our people can "fill in the blanks". Whatever the need, we can supply it. We deliver "World Class" support services. You choose the appropriate projects and we provide them in a cost effective, timely manner. Together, we'll deliver exactly what's needed to support the sales effort to suit your specific needs...nothing more!

If warranty work, warehousing, customer service, communications and/or a wide variety of other varied tasks are better managed in the US, our organization is prepared to handle the work. Whatever the task(s), we'll work together to make it happen.

Order Processing and personal Customer Service

Order Processing and personal Customer Service.

Additional services available via associates:

  • Warehousing
  • Accounting/invoicing/bookkeeping
  • Freight logistics
  • Trade Show Management
  • Packaging, P/R, Literature, Catalogs
  • Research

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