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GSG Headquarters in US

Global Solutions Group (GSG) is a progressive, continuously adapting organization, founded in 1997 (as its predecessor; Regill Marketing Group LLC) by Robb Gillion, current Managing partner, with the mentoring of industry pioneer Fred Altman (The Altman Group), who also facilitated the acquiring of Italian premier staircase manufacturer Arke as a keystone GSG client. After 15+ years of professional association, Robb and Joe Dixon joined forces in 2007, forming GSG to quickly respond to the rapid changes in world-wide markets. GSG has been representing "World Class" manufacturers since 1980, and has an impressive track record in the successful penetration of US prime markets.

Increasingly, market requirements have changed to the extent that a U.S. based presence is often required, in addition to having a sales agent organization. These market requirements vary widely. Larger retailers require manufacturers to deliver products which are contained in complex packaging which meets their specifications. To secure the business, manufacturers must often create and pay for training materials and programs, P.O.S. displays and signage, catalogs, flyers and more. Warehousing, customer service, replacement parts/warranty claim management, P/R, trade show management, media advertising and more are often required.

To respond to these needs and any other market requirement(s), GSG has assembled an organization which is flexible and talented enough to quickly deliver whatever is needed in a professional, cost effective manner. This means we have the capability to do everything from sales representation only (level 1), to complete "turnkey" US operations management (level 3). Once the need(s) are defined, we can deliver what our customers want, when they want it, at costs sure to generate healthy contributions to the bottom line.

This approach to the market is unique to the industry. It allows customers to access world class marketing, communications, graphics and operations professionals to meet any requirement(s).

We know sales. But what's more important, we know the companies and organizations we represent. We know our markets and what customers want.

We listen. Then, we respond by delivering the right customized services needed to "make it happen".

Global Solutions Group

Robb Gillion

Managing Partner
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Joe Dixon

Senior Partner
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