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New Alliance Offers the Most Effective
Conduit Between Manufacturers
and Customers

Robb Gillion and Don Cote

Robb Gillion (left), Founder and Managing Partner-Global Solutions Group and Shippers Warehouse VP Don Cote at the Shippers Warehouse facility in Jonesboro, Georgia.

The recently formed alliance between Global Solutions Group and Shippers Warehouse results in superior capabilities for manufacturers world-wide.

Noting the changes in the industry over the last 10 years, GSG's Robb Gillion found that several large international manufacturers were increasingly relying on his organization to manage more than just sales in the US. Specifically, they were wanting additional services; often including national warehousing and distribution.

That's where the Shippers Warehousing organization comes in. This world-class organization receives and services more than 40,000 orders per month, shipping over 4,000,000 cases of customers' products. According to Shippers Warehouse VP Don Cote, "We offer the economy of scale and flexibility to make our customers more competitive. Our job, after all, is to help you sell more."

The alliance between Global Solutions Group and Shippers Warehouse represents a "win, win" situation for manufacturers and customers. "Having the best product in the world doesn't mean much, unless it is delivered when and where a customer wants it at a price that results in profits for all involved", says Gillion.

"And, working together, that's just what you get from us", says Cote.

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